Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Blind Side

So I watched this movie with my husband last night. I don't think I stopped crying throughout the whole movie. Some were sad tears, some were happy. It just really opened my eyes to some things.

Why do we take so much for granted? Why do I complain that I want a newer house when there are people, children, out there that don't even have a bed. It breaks my heart that people really have to live that way. But what can anyone do? You cannot change someone who doesn't want to far as adults go. If they choose to spend all their money on crack or booze or cigarettes instead of food or shelter for their family, there is nothing I can do about that. But it's not so much the grown ups...because most grown ups can gets jobs. Flipping burgers at McDonald's is much better than doing drugs all day, and hey if I didn't have a job, I wouldn't be opposed to flipping burgers if that's what I needed to do to take care of myself and my's the children. My dad told me once that you can't help who your parents are. You can't change it. And he was right. So what about all these poor children living in these situations? They can't change it either. And one day they will grow up and be adults. What will their life be like? Not everyone gets as lucky as Michael Oher. Often times they grow up and live the same lives their parents live. And it's sad and it breaks my heart. If only everyone was as lucky as Michael Oher. If only there were more people like the woman that helped him. She saw the child in him and wanted to change his life. And change his life she did.

I hope someday that I can change someone's life. And to those of you who have adopted, props to you. You don't get as much credit as you deserve. I really want to adopt (whether I can have kiddos or not) someday. When we are financially stable. The movie just showed me that skin color, background, environment....doesn't matter. That we need to love one another equally. And too often times, we overlook what really matters and go with the flow the rest of the world is going with. So be kind to one another, and remember that one day we will all be together anyways, so we might as well start getting along now =)


  1. great post! i LOVED this post!!! it makes me wish there were more people out there like this family! my hubs and i have talked many times about foster parenting/adopting a teenager in a few years(we're still having babes and quite young to handle it right now) i agree w/ your post completely!