Monday, May 24, 2010

Lupron, New Nephew, and Everything Else

Long time, no blog I know I know! I have committed to two posts a week, at least. So don't worry, I won't leave you hanging again!

So I am about to get my third Lupron shot. It hasn't been too bad so far. I have had some hot flashes, night sweats, and some mood swings for sure. But I can't really tell if the mood swings are because of the shots or because of everything in general. My life seems to have been a roller coaster lately. I have always wanted nothing more than to be a mom....and that is the thing I am having to work hardest at. But I guess good things come to those who wait right? And hard work pays off?? We'll see. It is very very very hard not to be discouraged through this difficult time in my life, but it has brought me much closer to God and to my husband, so that is one positive thing that has come out of this so far. Hopefully within the next year I will be pregnant and have that to be positive about too! =)

Moving on to other things consuming my life, my "sister in law" (husband's little brother's girlfriend [18] ) is having her baby on Wednesday! Well...they are starting her on medicine on Tuesday night to induce I guess it could be Tuesday or Wednesday! I am really excited about it, his name will be Tristyn David. I can't wait to meet him! And of course I will give details when he makes his arrival!

Everything else has been pretty normal I suppose. My step son finished Kindergarten last week. He is officially a first grader now. It is so hard to believe. I love him very much, I haven't shared a lot about him, but a post about that is coming very very soon =) My husband has been traveling a lot for work lately, so that hasn't been great...but absence makes the heart grow fonder...right? I am very ready for him to finish school so he can stop travelling so much! I don't like my job at all, but now that I am taking these shots I have to stay put...I am also ready for my husband to finish school so that I don't have to work anymore! I am not sure how all these women stay home and can afford things, but I am pretty sure it's because their husbands went to college!

Well that is what is going on with me right now! I can't wait to get back into the swing of things...I have so many exciting posts coming soon! Good night everyone!


  1. I LOVE your new blog design! Soooo cute!!

    Glad the Lupron is going well. I never had mood swings, but my hot flashes were really bad and I had terrible insomnia. I'm glad it will be awhile before I have to do it again - but I highly recommend it to anyone and my experience was not bad at all compared to others. Praying it continues to go well!

  2. I'm so glad you are doing so well on the Lupron lady! And even more glad that you are working so hard to stay positive. That is the best thing you can possibly do right now... Trust in God lady; the rest will fall into place! :)

  3. I love your new blog design! its wicked cute!! I'm glad the Lupron is going well; hopefully the mood swings will mellow out and things will get better!

  4. Thanks so much everyone! About two weeks after I started the first shot, I got my period because it was so close for time for me to I am pretty sure that had alot to do with the mood swings! They seem to be getting better, or I am getting better at controlling them! haha! Thanks ladies!!! =)