Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's been a while...

oh my goodness! Hello world! It has been so long since I have posted or been involved with anything "blogger". It has been a really difficult 6 months for my husband and I, so I decided I needed to focus on everything in my real life! But now I am back in business! =) So what exactly have we been up to? Let me tell you.

- I finished my Lupron shots, started birth control, got off birth control, had an HSG test yesterday and got the go ahead to make babies. I am ecstatic and oh so excited!!!!! Hopefully I can share good news soon! Thoughts and prayers are appreciated! =)

- My step son started first He will be driving before we know it. I love that little guy to the moon and back. He's an angel. Speaking of him though, his mom is about five months pregnant. That was really really difficult for me because I thought I could at least be the first one to give him a sibling, but God has other plans so we're just praying and going with the "flow"

- My husband and I finally seem to be one the same page about all things life. Finances, houses, cars, children, faith, friends, you name it and we are finally on the same page with each other! You would think after almost seven years of being together we would have this down already...but hey better late than never!

As far as everything else goes, we have just been overwhelmed with my hormones and the crazy emotions of infertility! I really hope we are finished with that journey but only time will tell! I'm so glad to be blogging again, I have missed it so much! The support from everyone and getting all of these feelings out is such a stress reliever! So glad to be back! =)


  1. I had periodically been checking in to see how you were doing - glad to see your back :)

  2. I'm happy to see you back friend! And also happy to hear you're going to be able to start trying! Lots of luck and love to you!

  3. Hi ladies! Thanks for the warm welcomes! =)