Sunday, February 21, 2010

Defining Moments...Take Two

The second defining moment of my life happened when I was about two (yes, another defining moment that I don't remember). Remember when I was a baby and I had spinal meningitis? And other baby things come up? Well it just so happens that my mom was doing it all by herself. My "dad" decided he didn't want to own up to what he had done, so at 19 my mom was raising me all alone, spinal meningitis and all.

But when I was about two my mom had been dating this guy for a while, and he loved me. And it just so happens that I loved him (and I still do). He always tells me that he remembers "falling in love with my big green eyes".

After my mom moved in with him, they decided to make us an official family. He adopted me. This twenty two year old guy, who probably wasn't planning on having kids for a while, adopted me. Me. So my "biological father" gave up his rights. (Note: he has five other kids that he did not give his rights up to) So it was official. I had a Daddy. And I loved him. And he was my best friend.

Without this man, I wouldn't be who I am today. It's amazing how I have none of his genes, yet I am just like him in so many ways. He taught me how to go fishing, what good music was, that I wasn't always right, that things wouldn't always go my way. That boys were bad news. You know, things all Dad's teach their daughters.

So to this day, I still have a Dad. And I love him very much. And I am ever so grateful that he adopted me. And loved me the way I deserved my Dad to love me.

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