Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time to.....

Meet my family!
I figured once you start reading, you will want to put a face to the name of everyone I mention! So here are the three people you will hear about most!...
The handsom man on the very left is the man of my dreams, my husband Cameron. The little guy in the middle is Colton, my step son, and then on the right is me, Sarah.

The three of us make a pretty great family, and we all work well together if I do say so myself! My husband and I (and Colton at this point) cannot wait to add a fourth person to our family, but all in good time it will happen! was nice meeting everyone and I can't wait to meet your families! This is one of my favorite family pictures, because it is very "us". Do you have favorite family pictures? If so, share! Happy photo finding!

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