Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Most Defining Moment...So far.....

Well, this defining moment has been the one to change me the most. And I remember this one! It was when I met my husband, the second time. I never thought at 16, I would find the love of my life, become a "step-mom", and fall head over heals for the man (boy at the time) of my dreams. But God had plans for me. Big plans.
So there it was, I saw him, our eyes met, and we fell in love. And we lived happily ever after, right? Well yeah, eventually.
See, when we started dating, his ex-girlfriend was still pregnant with my step son. So you can imagine at 16 and 17 how well all of us were dealing the situation. She hated me and well, let's face it, the feeling was mutual. I mean come on...I could lie and say I wasn't jealous and didn't feel every other negative emotion towards her...but I don't lie.
So about a month after we had been dating and LOTS of drama later, I decided, scratch this idea. So i tried to break up with him. And I did. For like a day. He was really angry and told me some things he had never told anyone before, and that he had never felt the way he felt about me. And I told him I was scared. I didn't know how to deal with a child, a baby mama(hehe), or anything else that seemed to come up. But he wouldn't let me give up. He had a faith in me that no one ever had before, no one.
So we stuck it out for the long run, we will have been together for 6 years in July, my step son will be five in August, and we'll be married 4 years in November.
See, meeting him the second time is truly what made me who I am today. I believe in myself. I am the best step-mom I can be. I'm a great wife. I understand every side of him. Good or bad side, I love him no matter what. He has brought me closer to God. He has taught me that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. He helped me change, for the better.He helped me become the woman I so badly wanted to be, but without him, I never would be who I am today.

And for that, I am forever grateful.

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