Thursday, February 4, 2010

More on That Later..Remember?

Remember in my first post when I said I will tell you more on that later? Well guess's later!

When I was 12, my world revolved around the skating rink. Friday nights were the highlight of my life. Jam skates, couple skates, you name it, I loved it. If I didn't get to go...due to being grounded or something of that nature, trust me it was the end of the world.
One particular Friday night, a group of boys showed up that had never been there before. They were from the city 20 minutes aways from the small town I lived in. He was cute. And funny. And nice. And wonderful. And I had a boyfriend. Of course, at 12 my boyfriend and I weren't serious...after all the most serious we were was a couple skate of course. But I was not willing to break up with him to see how good this new guy could couple skate. So instead, I gave new guy my phone number. I thought I would see how this went. So we talked on the phone, probably more than I talked to my boyfriend at the time. He kept telling me to be his girlfriend, but I refused! Eventually, the calls came and went less and less. And we just stopped talking.
I didn't really think about him much, every once in a while I heard his name and thought hmm wonder how he is but never acted on it.

Fast forward four years. I was 16, and driving. Since I was driving, I was job hunting! My small town had nothing to offer as far as jobs go, so I drove to the city 20 minutes away. I applied at what seemed like a million places, but none of them called. About a week later I get a call from the movie theater. They wanted to set up an interview. I was ecstatic. It was going to be my first interview and I couldn't wait. The day of my interview I got all dressed up and showed up to the movie theater 15 minutes early. The girl got on her walky talky and said "Cameron can you come get Sarah and take her upstairs for her interview". I thought nothing about it. Out steps the most handsome boy I have ever seen. He is tall, muscular and has long shaggy blonde hair. OMG it's him...the boy from the skating rink that I would never go out with...why was I so dumb? We met each other's eyes but not a word was said. I ended up getting the job, and we would pass by each other when working, but neither of us had said anything yet. So one night, standing at the ice machine, filling a bucket of ice, he offers to help as he walks by. Of course I need help, I need a strong handsome guy to lift this thing! So I say "do you remember me" and he says "yes" and that was it.

We started talking, then started dating. It was perfect. I loved him. He loved me. We were wonderful together and couldn't get enough of each other. Two years later, my senior year in high school, he took me to a local church that displays Christmas lights. It was a cold night and we got to the lit up bridge, it was beautiful. He hugged me and said he loved me and I said I loved him and he asked if I would love him forever, and I said yes. So he got down on his knee, in front of everyone and asked me to marry him. I said Yes again.
This boy that I refused to couple skate with had turned into the man of my dreams.

Almost four years later we are married and wanting to start out own family.

It was fate.