Tuesday, March 2, 2010

16 & Pregnant


I watch the show, I'm not going to lie. Because since trying to conceive I am obsessed with all things babies. =)

But seriously. I get that there is some sort of epidemic or something like that causing all these teenagers to get pregnant, but it almost seems like everyone is trying to glamorize the idea of having a baby while in high school. It's ridiculous. And to be honest...I have to question it. Why?

Why can all these 16 year old girls go out and get pregnant in a bad situation but here I am happily married and I can't? I just don't understand. I know it sounds selfish of me to ask such a question. But why?

I don't honestly feel like anyone is capable of caring for a child when they are that age. I do think that some girls can change their ways and become a good mom, but I don't think at 16, anyone is ready for a baby.

But then I guess I am 21, happily married, stable home and income, and someone thinks I'm not ready either. So this is merely just my opinion.

I am just curious to find out what anyone else thinks about 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom, The Pregnancy Pact, and others things of the like. Does it seem like they were glamorizing the idea of having a baby? Did you have kids at a VERY young age? Was it easy for you at all? These are questions I find myself asking, and questions I think every teenage girl should ask before thinking that getting pregnant at such a young age is a good idea...What do you think?


  1. I've never seen the show, but I would probably agree with you on it. Having a child in high school is almost seen as the "cool" thing to do nowadays, which is ridiculous. I too have questioned why there are stable married women who want kids that can't have them, but then there are unstable teenagers everywhere getting pregnant.

  2. I completely agree with you on everything! I watch the shows too... can't stop myself. But I find it unfair that all these people who aren't ready or don't want a baby can have them and I can't... I completely understand how you feel. I feel the exact same way!

  3. I have cried over that show... seriously cried!

    I cancled MTV. I'm not joking!

  4. what gets me even more than that show (hopes not to offend anyone) is the Duggar family...they have, what, 19 kids now? didn't she almost die having her last child...and they want more? WHY???

    if they want kids that bad maybe they should adopt, and let thsmselves dictate how many kids they should have. responsibility, helloooo.

    anyway, i can't watch that show either because of the girl's AND "baby daddy's" towards their children. you just wanna reach through the tv ans smack them sometimes. how are they being blessed with kids and those who actually want a child are struggling to have just ONE?

    doesn't seem fair, and i'm sure it takes aloooooot of praying.

  5. Amen ladies! I just cannot wrap my head around it. I really can't. I have wanted to have a baby for a while now, but when I was 16, that was the LAST thing on my mind! It's crazy!