Thursday, March 11, 2010

I can't believe I haven't told you about...

My best Valentine's day ever!

Let me just give you some background info real quick - My husband and I did not have a wedding. We simply went to the court house and got married. No family, no friends. Just him and I. Sooo....of course...we never had our first dance. Which brings me to Valentine's Day 2010.

I worked all day and we usually get my step son every Friday. I got off normal. Went normal. I expected to see my husband and step son.

Not the case.

My husband wasn't even home. But what did I find when I walked in the garage door?

I walked in to a dining room with roses on it, a box, and a note. I open the note and it says "hey baby I wanted this to be your best Valentine's Day ever, so open your gift, put it on and I will be home soon". (I know what you are thinking but this post is all PG, I promise!) I opened the box, it was a dress, a cocktail dress. A pretty little black one. My first thought is oh no I need to shave my legs! So i hurry to the bathroom, shave my legs, and get my dress on just in time to hear my husband come inside. He went to my favorite restaurant and got us salad and meals. Yummy. I was so distracted by shaving my legs, getting on my dress, and updating my make up that I hadn't noticed the rest of the house.

After we ate, he walked me into our back living room. Are you ready for this? He went to Lowe's...bought wood paneling...and built a dance floor in the middle of the living room. OMGosh right? He even went as far to make a CD with songs on it that reminded him of me. It was great. Beautiful.

The last song came on and I said "this song reminds me the most of you" and he said me too, I wanted to save the best for last.

So just like Kenny Chesney said in his song...Babe - You Save Me. Everyday.

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  1. OMG...this is SOO AMAZING! How beautiful! I'm so happy for you! :)